Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Announcing the Frontier Explorer Magazine

There is a new Star Frontiers related magazine in town, the Frontier Explorer. Issue one is now available at the magazine's website, http://frontierexplorer.org or if you prefer, on DriveThruRPG. This first issue is full of Star Frontiers articles and includes the first part of a full adventure module

I mentioned in my last post that I had been a bit swamped this summer and forgot to get the Con announcement out sooner. The Frontier Explorer is why. For the last couple of months the magazine has consumed pretty much all my free time as we've gone from nothing but the idea to completing issue one and all the functionality we've built into the website.

In addition to downloading the magazine, the website provides access to all of the magazine's articles as web pages where they can be linked to and referenced. We also have all the images and maps from the magazine available for download in their full, high resolution. This is something we especially wanted to provide since many times the maps are designed to be printed and used with miniatures or the chits from the game but have to be shrunk down to fit in the magazine. The download section will provided all these maps for your use in your games.

My co-founding editor, Tom Verreault, and I have a lot of ideas and plans for the magazine and a lot of ideas for articles but we can't do it alone. The intention is for the Frontier Explorer to be a venue for the community to get their material out and published. We will be releasing new issues quarterly. We've got issues 2-4 laid out and are working hard on new material but there is plenty of room for contributions. If you have something you'd like to see in print, feel free to make a submission on the magazine's website. While issue one is primarily focused on Star Frontiers, the magazine is open to submissions for any sci-fi game system and for articles that are generally applicable to gaming such as the "Crafting a Compelling Character" and "Don't Go in the Water" articles. We also would love to publish fiction and short stories as well. For full details of the plans for the magazine, grab issue one and check out the "About the Magazine" article.

I hope you enjoy issue one of the Frontier Explorer and will come back and continue exploring with us.

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