Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Online Campaigns

While they seemed to have flagged over the holidays and not really picked back up, there are a number of online Star Frontiers campaigns going on at different sites on the web. Here's a quick rundown of the ones I know about that are still functioning. There are others that seem to be completely dead that I won't mention. Unless otherwise stated, these games are being run "Play by Post" using a community forum board to host the game play. (If you know of an active campaign that I missed let me know and I'll add it to the list.)
  • Pirates- Refereed by Shadow Shack, this is an inverse adventure of the orginal SF modules set on Volturnus. In this adventure the PC's are playing the pirates. Hosted at forumup.org.
  • Britmol's Tavern - Refereed by Parriah, the PC's are a motley crew caught up in intrigue between many rival factions and is centered in the Cassidine system. A fairly free form game where the players determine the storyline as much as the Referee. Hosted at forumup.org.
  • Black Hand Gang - This is a play by e-mail game with the synopsis posted as part of the mission diary. The players form the Black Hand Gang, a team formed on the original Volturnus adventures. They form a troubleshooting team working for the Eorna and spend their time in suspended animation when not out adventuring. The campaign is playing through all the standard SF modules. They are currently on a "Mission to Alcazzar". This one is on it's own site for the write ups but the game is played in a Yahoo Groups forum.
  • Port Loren Raiders - Refereed by Shadow Shack. This is a slightly more advanced rendition of the classic sample module in the Alpha Dawn Expanded Rules book. Hosted on www.starfrontiers.org.
  • Lost Worlds, New Frontiers - Refereed by Beowulf. The PC's are part of the security force on board the PGC's newest super luxury star liner (HS 20 from Knight Hawks) when the ship misjumps in the Void and ends up in an uncharted (but hauntingly familiar) star system with most of the command crew missing and the PC's trying to figure out what is going on. Hosted on www.starfrontiers.org.
  • Outer Reach - Refereed by Imperial Lord. This is virtual table top game. The group gets together using OpenRPG and plays out the games in real time. The PC's were falsely accused of subversive activites against the Outer Reach govenment and thrown onto a prision island. They've now escaped and are making their way off-planet to start a new life somewhere else in the Frontier. Hosted on www.starfrontiers.org.
  • Space Rats - Refereed by Shadow Shack. The PC's pooled their cash and bought a beat up old Destroyer hull they converted into a freigher and now ply the space lanes looking for adventure and profit. Hosted at forumup.org.
  • The Dominion - Referred by Shadow Shack. Set in a dark future of the Frontier, the UPF has fallen and been replaced by the Soverign Domain Authority. The Sathar haven't been seen for nearly 40 years but have started showing up again. The PC's play the owners of a small tramp freighter and escort fighter. This one has a definite Star Wars-esque setting. Hosted by MyFreeBullitenBoard.com.
  • Basically Speaking - Referred by Shadow Shack. This one is done real time in the gameroom section of starfrontiers.us. This is an alternate adventure to the SFKH0: Warriors of White Light module included in the Knight Hawks game, but is played out completely using the Basic Rules from the Alpha Dawn boxed set. The PC's play the boarding party of one of the other Clarion Milita Assault Scouts, the CMS Falcon. Hosted on starfrontiers.us.
  • Desert Island Planet - Refereed by Gergmaster. This game is just staring. The PC's are headed to a planet for an archeological dig that crashes on a desert planet, destroying most of their ship and supplies. Hosted on starfrontiers.us.
As you probabaly noticed, Shadow Shack does a lot of refereeing. Kudos to him and all the other referees for all the effort they put into the games to make them enjoyable for those of us playing.