Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome Back to the Frontier

Welcome to my new Star Frontiers blog. There is a small core of active SF gamers out there and we are hoping to find more. There are a lot of different projects going on ranging from rules revisions to computer implementations of various parts of the rule sets, most notably the star ships. I'm involved in several of these and will post on our progress. I'll also try keep abreast of other developments and keep you posted.

Just to get you started I'll point you to the two official Star Frontiers websites. Check them out and get involved:
www.starfrontiers.com - The offical Star Frontiers site
www.starfrontiers.org - Sister site to starfrontiers.com containing the Star Frontiers community forums.

The other place to check out is Bill Logan's fan site located at www.starfrontiers.us. There is a lot of content there as well including Bill's amazing Star Frontiers webzine The StarFrontiersman.

So, welcome to the Frontier and join us for some fun.