Monday, February 21, 2011

New Game Version

I just pushed out a new version of the Second Sathar War game that I've been slowly working on for the last few years. The game comes in two flavors: A full Second Sathar War game simulation implementing the rules from the Knight Hawks campaign book and a stand alone tactical game allowing you to have battles with fleets of ships of your own design.

You can download the game (Windows and Linux) and find the full details at the Release 0.0.15 announcement page on the Star Frontiers Network site where I maintain information and discussions about the game.

This version fixes a number of bugs having to do with drawing your ship's path on the board and the selection of targets for you weapons. It also completes the implementation of the Advanced Damage Table with the inclusion of the Navigation hit forcing your damaged ship to expend all of it's MR turning right or left.

If you've ever played the Knight Hawks board game, download it and try it out.

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