Friday, February 11, 2011

Game Mastering

I just finished reading this book, Gamemastering, by Brian Jamison. He has a website dedicated to the same topic as well. The book is available in physical form from Amazon or in PDF form from Brian's website.

As someone who has played in and run games off and on for several decades, I found this to be an excellent resource. It reminded me of many of the good and bad things I've seen over the years as both a GM and a player. The book gives tips and advice on all aspects of running a game from character creation, to adventure preparation to starting and ending a gaming session.

The advice and ideas are not tied to a specific game system or genre but are generally applicable to any type of game you run. If you run any sort of role-playing game, this book is a must read. You may not agree with or use all the ideas and techniques included in the book, but there are so many that you are bound to walk away with a few gems that will improve the game for both you and your players. I know I did.

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