Saturday, June 6, 2009

Second Sathar War Computer Game

Just over a year ago I did a post on Star Frontiers related software projects I was involved with. This one is an update. Expect to see more frequent postings on this topic in the future as things progress. This is where I'm spending a lot of my free time at the moment.

The Orbiter project has been shelved indefinitely at this point but the others are still going strong. Art and I have moved on to other areas that are slightly more fertile at the moment.

The KH Vector and Star Frontiers RPG game have been merged into a single project by Art Eaton who is doing that work. You can find details about the two projects over at the site.

My project, the Second Sathar War Game, has been moving along nicely, especially since February when I started my new job out in California. I'm up to release 0.0.10 and it now is a fully playable (although limited) game. You can read the full details under the Release Announcement section of the forums but the strategic game is almost fully implemented and a basic combat system for the tactical game is in place.

Over the next few months I'll be cleaning up the code and fleshing out the combat system. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, jump over to the site and download the game and take it for a spin. It runs on both Windows and Linux. I'd have a Mac version but I don't own a Mac to build it on.

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